The best iPad planner

Boost your productivity, have more free time, make your dreams true. Scientifically proved, simple to use.

Timeline, the heart of the application

Is your day too busy? Or do you have a lot of free time? Our timeline manages them both! Plan your valuable time by managing events and making notes during the day.

Drag and drop a task to the timeline

All your todosΒ  in one place. They are nicely sorted based on your preference. But, we have “a comlex” process of working with tasks:

1. Create your task

2. Schedule it by the drop to timeline

Is too simple? Don’t worry. We have one more satisfying step for you

3. Mark as done πŸ™‚

Day overview

Look at your plan for the next days or remember your successful days in a handy overview. Of course, you can use this overview for planning and note-taking.


All calendar support

We support all calendars, which you added to the calendar application.

Reminder app synchronization

We support all calendars, which you added to the calendar application.

Pencil tasks

Feel free to create tasks with your favourite apple pencil. We will detect what you mean by handwriting recognition.

Photo support

Attach images from your library or from the web

iCloud synchronization

Everything you create in Pencility is real-time synchronized with your iPhone and Macbook.

Pencil usage

We are using the newest apple libraries to provide low-latency writing and drawing.Β 

Dark mode support

Night person? We are too.

Filters to have an overview

Use filters to filter reminders to see completed or scheduled tasks. You can easily select which calendars and reminders group you wanna see and use.Β 

Ratings and reviews

One purchase, lifetime usage

Usually, when buying a planner, you have to get a new one every year. With Pencility you make only one purchase and use our app as long as your Apple account lives. You can also benefit from the Family sharing feature and get a planner for all members of your family.

Pencility offers a possibility to access years to the future, but also to the past. This way you don’t need to store books to access your memories. Just click on the right date

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