Our story

Our mission is to create productive iPad applications, which you will love.

Who we are

We are two students from Slovakia who study computer science at the Czech Technical University in Prague. We love being creative and innovative. As software engineers we’re also passionate about developing great apps.

Combined with our confidence in the iPad’s and Apple Pencil’s potential, we believe that Pencility is the ultimate key for improving your time-management and boosting your productivity.

Why an iPad Planner?

Our story began, when we bought our first iPads with Apple Pencil. It was a breakthrough in our study lives. Usage of already existing apps for note taking and document storing meant that we didn’t have to carry heavy books and notebooks with us any more. The whole process of studying subjects became significantly easier.

BUT, there was one notebook still remaining. It was a planner. In all the App store there wasn’t an application, which would be capable of replacing our paper planners. We weren’t the only ones in search for such an app!

We decided to create Pencility, not only to replace your paper planner but to add the power of technology to improve time planning even more.

Paper planner with smart functions

How to best describe, what Pencility is?

Imagine classic paper planner, with day or week views, same space for high priority tasks and a few pages for notes.

Now place this paper planner into the iPad. But we do not stop here. Smart and useful tools like synchronization of events from the Calendar app or reminders from the Reminders app are the features that lie in the hearts of our application.