iPad Bullet Journal tool

Pencility is excellent for practising the methodology of Bullet Journal. Let’s have a look at how it works.


In Bullet Journal methodology, bullets are tasks, events and notes. We know the importance and usage of each. 


Tasks are created in the sidebar simply by using the keyboard or Apple Pencil. After creating the task, it can be planned by drag and drop to timeline. You can also change the duration of the task (default duration is 30 minutes) by selecting a task and expanding it as an event. 


Events are created directly in the timeline by long press gesture or by clicking + icon in the menu bar. You can change the duration of the event by selecting the event and expanding it.


Pencil, pen or marker? Choose your favourite and start creating! If something goes wrong, just select the eraser and start again. We support the best writing experience on the iPad. 

Signifiers (priority)

You can set priority to every task (none, low, medium, height) and then you are able to sort and filter this task by priority.